How to Care for Your Mouth After A Tooth Extraction: The Best Tips

Follow all the dentists’ instructions after a tooth extraction. Failing to follow his advice may lead to many problems with the extraction site and your oral health. What are a few things that can help take care of your mouth after a dental extraction in Austin?

Control Bleeding: The dentist places a gauze pad in your mouth after extractions. This helps put pressure on the socket so a blood clot forms. Keep the gauze in place to ensure you control bleeding and the blood clot.

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Reduce Swelling: Put an ice pack on your cheek close by the extraction site to reduce swelling. You should leave the ice pack on your cheek for 10 minutes and remove it for 5, repeating as necessary. Bruising after a tooth extraction is common – even normal and subsides in a few days.

Pain Management: A dental extraction itself does not cause any pain but after the procedure you are likely to feel discomfort and pain for several days after the big day. The dentist may prescribe medication to ease the pain and you can also use over-the-counter and alternative therapies.

Take it Easy: You have a life to live, work to do and a long list of items that need your attention, but first, you must take time to heal. A tooth extraction is a simple procedure but takes a lot from your body. Take it easy for at least 48- hours and longer if you’ve endured a surgical protrude.

Food 101: Abstain from your regular diet for a few days after the extraction. You should instead consume soft foods and snacks and drink lots of fluid to stay hydrated. Keep in mind that you should avoid using a straw after the procedure.