Protecting Yourself with Chemical Mosquito Repellants

Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they are also carriers of many dangerous diseases such as chikungunya and malaria. If you see a mosquito infestation around you, you must first call a mosquito control company in Newnan. Secondly, you personally protect yourself.

Personal Mosquito Protection Chemicals And Methods

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The Centers for Disease Control recommends using only EPA-registered insect repellents. These chemicals will protect you from all dangerous mosquito-borne diseases. Follow the given information to understand more about personal mosquito protection.

·    You can buy mosquito repellants in just about any cosmetic form ranging from sticks, clip-ons, roll-ons, sprays, and creams.

·    If you also have a tick manifestation around you, you must use repellants containing over 20% DEET. They prove effective in repelling all big and small insects.

·    Much like sunscreen, mosquito repellants require re-application every few hours. If your repellant has 7% DEET, it will not last more than two hours. Even repellants with up to 25% DEET will only last for ten hours. You must cover all the exposed skin with mosquito repellants for it to be effective.

·    As per the recommendation of the CDC, you must treat your clothes with permethrin. However, avoid applying the chemical directly to your skin.

·    You can also use clothes equipped with inherent insect repellant properties. Such clothes will provide you full-body protection from insects and will remain effective up to at least ten washes.

·    Natural oils such as eucalyptus, basil, and lemon extracts will protect you naturally from mosquitoes.

·    Never sleep with a layer of mosquito repellants on you, they might harm your skin.

There is no safety measure stronger than exercising personal caution. Not only do you want to protect yourself from itchy bites and annoying sounds, but also from the numerous mosquito-borne diseases. Protect yourself and your family by using personal mosquito repellants.  However, be sure to always use medically approved chemicals.